Different Types Of Violin Chinrest Styles

By Jaclyn Hurley

Playing a violin can be a strain for people, especially around the chin. In order to prevent this strain a chinrest is used. In order to find the one that is best suited to you it helps to know the various types of violin chinrest styles so that you can play your instrument as comfortably as possible.

You may wonder why a rest is important. Indeed some musicians do not like to use a rest because they consider that this creates a distance between themselves and the instrument. Therefore they suffer discomfort because they feel that this physicality adds to the performance while they are playing. There is also an argument that many of the greatest musicians did not use chinrests and feel that the sound is maximised without the use of them.

For the majority of performers a rest is important. The reason is because while people are playing having an instrument placed against their chin and jaw can result in discomfort. This is especially the case when playing the instrument for long periods of time. Therefore having something appropriate for your face is vital.

It is estimated that there are at least 50 different types of chinrest available. Therefore you have numerous different options to consider when thinking about what is most appropriate for you and your instrument. It is very important to find something that will allow you to play with a minimum of discomfort.

The most popular type is known as the Guarneri. This is where an attachment is positioned in the centre of a tailpiece and a chincup is positioned on the left of the tailpiece. Another type known as the Flesch has a cup that is placed over the centre of the tailpiece. There is no right or wrong in this instance and it depends purely on what you personally find comfortable.

There are numerous items that can be purchased. The most well known style of rest is the Guarneri. This is where an attachment is centred over a tailpiece. A cup is positioned to the left of the tailpiece for the chin.

It is also worth talking to professionals about how to maintain your rest. You want to ensure that the rest stays in place so that you do not feel any strain on your jaw or neck while you are playing. Furthermore you do not want to slip while you are playing your instrument as this could potentially be very embarrassing if this happens mid performance!

In short there are numerous options when it comes to choosing a chinrest. Check online to find professional companies that sell rests. Do not forget to check shipping costs as well. With the right approach you can find the ideal rest that will work best for your playing style and will allow you to relax and enjoy playing your instrument.

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